How Motorcycle Riding Is Good For You

How Motorcycle Riding Is Good For You

I’m sure most of you have at least once heard someone told you cannot see anyone parked a motorcycle in the front of a psychiatrist’s office. That cliché is undoubtedly a genuine expression of reality – How motorcycle riding is good for you is a topic that causes many differences among scientists. It is considered beneficial for your health in terms of mental and physical. This paper, we will provide support scientifically to give more reliability to this viewpoint.

Firstly, let’s see what motorcycle riding can bring to the brain. A number of researches on the practical benefits of riding motorcycle on the brain have been conducted recently. The most well-known research was carried out by the Institute of Development at University of Tohoku. It led directly to:

  • When you are riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car, the brain of the rider is stimulated positively and helps lighten up his mood.
  • Different trait in brain effectiveness and obvious signs of brain stimulation can be found out in regular riders and riders who do not have a habit of riding a motorcycle for a long period of time ,say, 10 years.
  • Integrating motorcycle riding as a sport into routine life enhances various essential functions (especially to the functions of prefrontal cortex) and positively impacts on mental and physical well-being and also release stress.

The study was conducted with two types of people – those who regularly go to work daily by motorcycle on their own and those who often didn’t. It reveals for the first group, the right hemisphere of their brain was triggered during the process of riding, contributing to ability of concentration. Moving onto the ‘ex-riders’ group, they were asked to ride regularly during a period of months. What happened?

Cognitive ability, particularly memory-related and space-related reasoning capacity saw signs of improvement evidently. These riders also expressed that their pressure amount had been cut down significantly and that made they felt more optimistic.

Dr Ryuta Kawashima gave reasons why this happened: “There were many researches carried on people driving cars for a long time. Car is known as an over-comfortable vehicle which hardly dramatically triggers our brains to function to its best.

This phenomenon happens only when we get across one railway or there is a person jumping ahead of us. By just riding motorcycles in our daily life, we are able to bring significant improvements on the brains and make it work better and more efficiently”.

Evidently we cannot deny that conclusion from our practical experiences. Motorcycling allows you to have a kind of freedom that many other sports or vehicles hardly can. Releasing stress levels by riding in canyons, a rider is able to filter via light traffic also add more bonus to this. A famous best-seller book called ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ draws a perfect picture of the scene too.

Motorcycle Riding Is Good For You

We extracted some lines in the book called “I Ride a Motorcycle, Therefore I am Better Than You”:

I figure riders are always amazing and beautiful people. Riding via Egypt, the Andes, Nepal, coming to remote and faraway parts of the beautiful planet we are living in. Instead, you should enjoy the scarce cruise on one boat that is full of self-absorbed type of people who think exposing other cultures has something to do with a short trip to the local beach.

Even the most horrible things of our life can be more positives with motorcycle. While you’re still stuck heavily in traffic on your way of two hour commute, I’m riding far past your car and even other people who need to navigate a five ton vehicle to their daily place of employment.

The good side, on the other hand, is the benefits that motorcycle riding can bring, are not putting limitation to our minds. It is interesting to know that motorcycle riding might also help control your cholesterol.

Even just a short ride, you can burn many extra calories by riding a motorcycle. First of all, exposure to strong winds and with natures around you will burn more calories to provide energy more than when you’re driving a car – it has a byproduct of increasing strength of muscle as your body can be tensed and flexed too. Activities involving controlling speed, balancing and braking also help you burn more calories.


Similarly to a tank, the higher speed you ride, the faster and more energy you burn. If you are wandering around canyons and more importantly, that you must ride the bike in a correct way (by stressing all your pressure to your legs and lead directly into the pegs, not bars as many people usually do) you’ll actually have a heavy workout like a 30-minute gym.

Anyone that is used to spontaneous track days will reveal to you the interesting fact that 15 minutes of riding is generally adequate to sweat and therefore it requires a rest. Scientists has suggested that motorcycling can help you burn up to 300 calories per hour – that’s equivalent to a usual walk in the park.

Heading to riding your motorbike and I’m sure you’ll get to actually lose fat and extra weights. A Canadian research illustrated that regular riders stand less chances of having physical interruption or health-related issues in comparison to the rest of the population. The research conducted Dr Jamie Burr, also figured out that regular riding is so far considered one of the best way to cut fat and increase muscle safely, increase stamina and help control pressure of blood.

When investigating the mechanical of riding, it’s easy to understand why. In one talk, Dr Burr said that impacts of motorcycle riding is just like the impacts of jogging in the park and it is also similar to gym.

Balance skill on motorcycles riding is also compared to sit on a balanced ball, keeping the handlebars under control is like pressing bench. Standing up and sit down would much like doing squats or a few times of hard bends of knee.

Standing on pegs is like you are raising toes at the gym”. For those who usually ride a motorcycle, it’s calculated that the body’s energy consumption can go up to 600 calories per hour.

Therefore next time when you want to go somewhere to free your mind and you don’t have time for a workout, you can take out your motorcycle and ride a few circles in your neighborhood, you can enjoy on your own how motorcycle riding is good for you.

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