Motorcycle Helmets For Women

Motorcycle helmets for women

Helmets are one of the essential things for the people who drive their vehicles on the road or highways safely and securely. Nowadays, girl motorcycle helmets are specially manufactured for the ladies that are not only comprised of the beautiful designs but also save them in the situation if they accidently drop down from a bike.

A helmet supports your head with the help of soft luxury inside layer. It actually scatters the energy level which arises from the crash throughout the helmet instead of letting it quintessence on one particular point that might be disastrous. There are numerous helmets for the women currently in the market and we know that it becomes very difficult for you to select the best one among them. Hence, below we are providing you the rapid guide that will assist you to choose the best motorcycle helmets for women along with the three reviews of the helmets:

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Helmets for Women

There are so many different types of motorcycle helmets for women that are present in the market. So, now you must be wondering that which the right type of motorcycle helmet is. The below are the few things which you must consider before buying motorcycle helmets for women:

·  Types of Helmet

There are mainly four types of motorcycle helmets for women that you can buy i.e. a full-face, half-shell, open-face helmet and the modular helmet. The open face, as well as the half-shell helmets, do not consist of the shields which can safeguard you from the effect of the fast moving wind or nay other elements in the air. You have to wear sports spectacles or shielding eye gear for the eyes safety.

The full-face helmets, as well as the modular helmets, are the best option for the people who want to get safe against the weather conditions. These offer the uppermost level of security which is also worn by the bike racers. So, you have to think that which type of helmet will suit your requirement.

 ·  Visit the nearby store for better knowledge

The next thing you should do is to visit the nearby store of motorcycle helmets so that you can try the different kinds of helmets. The helmet must not only look stylish but also be comfortable to wear. You should also check that the view through the helmet you want to buy must be very clear and obstacle-free.

· Matches the Size and Shape of head

As soon as you get an idea that which type of helmet is required, you must also figure out the size of it. Besides the safety issue, the motorcycle helmet for women must be appropriate as per the size and the shape of the head so that it does not feel cumbersome to wear. It not only provides you a comfortable drive but also makes you enjoy your ride with complete safety.

Short Product Review of the 3 best Motorcycle helmets for Women

The following are the short reviews about the three best motorcycle helmets for women that you might consider before buying:

1. Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100

The fits name in the list of best motorcycle helmets for women is of Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 that comprises of some basic features but also contains certain qualities which make it unique from the other available products. This helmet fits quite better than the other customized due to the existence of the modifiable cheek pads which are comfortably fit in the interior of the helmet. The women who find the accurate size of the helmet for her head will never regret about her choice in the future for sure.

The folding sun shade in the Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 devises an anti-fog benefit which can help the women at the time of troublesome climatic conditions. It is also very simple to use and remove the face shield of the helmet which only takes around 10 seconds. You will also find a breath deflector for redirecting the breath of the bike rider far away from the face shield in order to decrease the fogging inside the helmet.

Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 also contains the manifold innovative vents i.e. four vents for the intake and six additional for the exhaust. The helmet’s rear and front vents are also modifiable so that you do not feel any heat while wearing it on the head. The rear vents are present for decreasing the humidity level and improving the air circulation. Overall, this is a good helmet which is available at very reasonable price rate.

2. BILT Women’s Cyclone

The next best motorcycle helmet for women is BILT Women’s Cyclone which is manufactured by the world’s most trustworthy brand “ BILT” that not only offers you the superb quality but also a useful product. BILT Women’s Cyclone is a full face helmet especially built for the women for whom the top priority is their safety. Intrinsically, this helmet is also approved by the DOT that perfectly guards the face, head and the neck in case of any mishappening on the road. Due to the polycarbonate shell, this helmet also becomes quite durable.

There is an innovative ventilation structure in the BILT Women’s Cyclone which comprises of the crown, exhaust, and chin vents in order to facilitate the more air circulation inside the helmet. One better thing about this helmet is that its entire lining can be easily removed for washing.

The shields of the helmet are also made up of top quality material. Its regular shield functions along with the quick release feature so that the bike riders can remove it when required. You will also get a sun shield in this product which is highlighted to guard the riders against the severe brightness of the sun.

3. Shoei Women’s RF-1200

Shoei Women’s RF-1200 is the amazing helmet for the woman that is might be little pricey for purchase but is equipped with all the innovative and essential features. The renowned manufacturing brand “Shoei” offers this incredible helmet which has got the SNELL rating that means it is built by following all the safety standards.

It also provides a perfect option for the adjustment over the women’s head. It can easily get fit on any type of head shape of the females. Besides this, there are six alignments to the EPS layer inside the helmet.

The venting structure of the Shoei Women’s RF-1200 is totally inventive and ground-breaking. You will find four back vents in this which can alter the flow of the air according to the position of the rider. There is a defroster outlet which is situated on the lower segment for reducing the formation of fog over the shield. The face guard can also be closed off totally if the weather is not good or you can move it to the front side for the more ventilation.


In the end, we can say that it is very important that you choose the motorcycle helmet for women after considering its safety features, your bike riding experience as well as also the impression which you want to make on others. There are few significant factors such as inner lining, safety standards, coverage and protection, ventilation system, and comfort that matters a lot while selecting a best helmet for women.

The above reviews about the three helmets are not only the best options in the market but also serve you for the longer time period.  It is always advisable to consider the safety of your head first and then the other things. A bike rider must not compromise with its safety at any cost. So, whatever motorcycle helmet for women you buy, it will offer you an experience of an amazing ride with the full sense of security.


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