Motor Racing And Fascinating Facts About Its History


Motor Racing and fascinating facts about its history

There is an interesting joke which is every males living on this planet is the fan of racing. Even some of them love motorcycle, rather than the sexy girls . This statement verifies how much this kind of sport effects on men. Most of them are fond of racing with big vehicles.

Motorcycle racing (also known as motor racing and bike racing) is the sport of motorcycles racing. Main categories include on and off road racing, both of which either in circles or open spaces and track racing. Other genres contain hill climbing, drag racing, speed recording trials.

Viewers are most inspired and motivated when it comes to motorcycles, that’s why they like to catch it on TV. There are even braver when they challenge themselves to start learning to control a motorcycle and some even dare to race the vehicle at the highest rate. The reason for this is that they aim at joining in the MotoGP Championship. This is article will tell you some of the interesting facts about this competition.

            MotoGP Racing History

crash-motor-racing-motorbike-motorcycleMotor racing started when a motorcycle is sold by the Germen for the first time ever in 1894, the people who had passions so much for it that they came up with the idea of holding a motorcycle race.

More than a decade later, the UK was the first country to hold the first motorcycle race formally in the world, in the year 1906 to be exact. This event occurred in the famous island, called Isle Of Man closed to Ireland.

Then in 1949, when the World War II is over, the Association of International Motorcycling was established. MotorGP, established on that year, can be seen as the championship that had the most long lasting history.

These days, a formal motorcycle racing includes 3 classes, moto3 with the capacity of 125cc, moto2 with the volume of 600cc and motoGP with the capacity of 800cc which is divided based on the motorcycle’s weight. However, there have been changes for this time over time.

For example, the 250cc – motorcycles have been moved to the moto2 tournament ever since the year 2010. 2 years later, which is 2012, 125cc – motorcycles are listed in the moto3 racing.

For each race, only fifteen initial motorcycles to cross the finish line can be awarded. The points are distributed into 15 classes ranging from 25 to 1.

MotorGP Tournament’s parameter of a competing motorcycle

As mentioned before, in terms of motoGP, all the motorcycles will be equipped with the fourth machine, the volume of 1000cc, and the great amount of petroleum which is 21 liter since the championship in 2012. And ever since, the rules of Grand Prix Race is very strict on releasing new regulations about the 800cc motors’ standard engine.

More details about the parameter of the motoGP

  • Machine model: Either V4 or V-twin or the fourth inline
  • Volumetric curve: 1000cc
  • Cycle: 4 strokes, 16 valves, 4 valves each cylinder, DOHC
  • Fuel: Gas with a chemistry index of 100 octane
  • Icy machine: With a mix, once time of pouring in
  • Rpm: minimum is 17,500 and maximum is 18,000 cycles
  • Electronic fuel injection Fi
  • Maximum engine power: 240 HP (approximately 180kW)
  • Biggest velocity: 349 kilometers per hour (approximately 217 miles per hour)

            Technology development

Contestants from the motoGP tournaments always equip their motorcycle with the most recent technology although creating new functions for a competing motorcycle can take up to years or more. Until now, they may have been able to fulfill their dream of equipping their motorcycle with what they actually need and want.

The finest technology will be chosen to equip and form a special motorcycle, like how the disc brake formation is equipped with the top equipment ever manufactured. That’s why lots of manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, Ducati or Kawasaki are usually ready to invest in their group of racers’ fortunes, from hundreds to millions USD.

Since normal valves are not able to meet the requirements for high speed, the top motorcycle racing groups in motoGP championship mostly apply the aerial valve system of both opening and closing. The camshaft is still the equipment that is in charge of opening and locking the valve for the engine.

However, it will use a flow of airy force with a useful tube instead of the spring for moving the atmosphere improvement, that’s also where the total area of this component is wider or smaller.

At the same time, the racing motorcycle formula 1 passes down system of gear-case without any breaks in the middle for the motoGP racing’s motorcycles. Thanks to this technic, the motorcycles will be able to change to a new gear. This process happens even when the front gear is not finished.

As calculated, the racing motorcycles of Honda production take as rapidly as the light speed to change the number while Yamaha manufacturer’s racing motorcycles need 0.038 to finish moving from one number to another. But the given structure is not yet used for commercial vehicles.

The motorGP motorcycles use the carbon braking disk type, with two braking disk at the front position, called the fourth Brembo pistols produced by using monolithic aluminum with great capability to go against the hot level, to 900 degree Moreover, the brake behind is the only disk and created by using core metals, with the lining of this component made of the same metals, containing from 2 to 4  pistottls.


            More exciting points about MotoGP tournament

  • The name of the racing team is not decided by the members of that team but by the real sponsors and that team’s motorcycle type’s name.
  • Within only 2.5 seconds, a motorcycle in this championship can accelerate maximally up to 100 kilometers, not only that, its maximum speed which is 340 kilometers per hour can easily be reached.
  • Andrea Iannne who rode the Italian Ducati GP14 MotoGP 2014 is the person who reached the highest velocity, about 349.6 kilometers per hour
  • Every losing team has 2 motorcycles or more for the people taking part in this sport.
  • All motorcycles tires in the motoGP racing use from Bridgestone.
  • 20 tires are provided for every racer at each track.
  • The motorcycle’s fuel tank has the petrol capacity of maximally to 21 liters.
  • Lubricant is absolutely necessary for motorcycles in race of 800cc motorcycles.
  • Fabric made from carbon or glass or Kevlar one are often used to make helmets for participants.

You have just finished reading information about motoGP tournament’s history. If you have interests in racing, you can start watching the championship right now. Feel free to send comments to us and we hope you find this article informative to you.

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