Top 10 Motorcycle Brands of All Time

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands of All Time

The name of company which produces motorbikes is one of the most important factors to prove the quality of its products. Therefore, this article will show you a range of top ten greatest motorcycle firms today. Hope that you can choose your most ideal brand after carefully referring all information below

1. Honda


Founded in Japan, Honda Motor Corporation Limited, this international business is famous for a production system of motorcars, motorbikes and engines. Today, Honda becomes the most familiar brand in terms of producing and assembling bikes. In addition to, it releases a great deal of motorcycles which vary in styles, sizes, and functions.

There is no evidence against the fact that for a very long period, all Honda motorcycles has been durable and high-quality. It is extremely hard to find any others which can beat the motorcycle manufacture of Honda. Although its products do not contain any race-ready, it can totally take you to everywhere much better than the vehicles from other firms. Also, Honda offers a great deal of long-lasting products such as cars, vans, airplanes or gears.

It is definitely not an overstatement when saying that Honda is the best motorcycle brand all over the world.

2. Harley-Davidson


This is the name of a motorbike multinational corporation set up in 1903 in America. Its production aims at capturing the favourability of Harley-Davidson motorbikes’ consumers. It has been offering a large number of vehicles suitable for the long trips or adventurous journeys, such as 883 Sportster or some types of Ultra Classic.

In the period between the twentieth and twentieth-first century, most American have preferred using Harley-Davidson models for motorcycling trips, rather than any other brands. The reason for this is that it brings riders a lot of excitement and encourages them to go cycling more. In addition to, you can conveniently use its products in every kinds of terrain.

 3. Kawasaki


Not many people know the fact that Kawasaki, fully called Kawasaki Motorcycle & Engine, is a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. The Kawasaki’s parent company specialises in creating and assembling many transports together with the power system inside.

Whereas, in contrast, Kawasaki just focuses on producing motorcycles. Kawasaki Ninja, first released in 1984 is its greatest motorbike model. Today, the unchanged assemblage of all gears inside make it be one of the most favourite motorcycles all over the world.

4. Yamaha


Apart from Honda, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd is another motorcycle company founded in Japan. Also, it produces a wide range of tools for underwater activities. However, the main product of this brand is functional motorbikes which are completely suitable for every kind of customers. In fact, Yamaha is the one of the most favourite brands many best racers use in Grand Prix Motor Road Racing, especially in the MotoGP classes.

5. Suzuki


Another huge multinational company, Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd, is one of ten biggest motorcycle firms all over the world. First founded in Japan, it aims at producing cars, trucks, trains, multi-functional transports, or even the power gears. Assembled in modern manufacturing facilities, it is impossible for you to find any mistakes in the products released.

Moreover, Suzuki motorcycles are completely suitable for every kinds of terrain because of their none-tracking ability. Also, the speciality of the power system inside can totally make you surprised. Interestingly, after using for a certain amount of time, it likely becomes one of your most favourite vehicles.

6. KTM


Although there was some news about KTM production facility in 1934, it was not until 1981 the KTM Sport Cycle AG Company, segregated from the KTM Corporation since 1992, and was officially set up in Australia. Its most well-known products are motorcycles. Some people even believe that they are the most durable and sturdy transports, compared to the ones from Honda or Yamaha. Moreover, you can use the KTM off-road bikes whenever joining in your upcoming adventures.

7. Triumph


When the property disputes of Triumph Engineering Company ended, in 1984, the Triumph Motorcycles Company Limited was officially formed in England. Throughout many periods, it has become the most famous company in terms of engineering. In reality, many people, both local and foreign, consider Triumph as one of the greatest motorbike brand all over the world.

8. Victory


First set up in Dickinson County, Northern Lowa in America, Victory Motorcycles Company has performed its manufacturing process since 1998. It is also the biggest component of Harley-Davidson Corporation. An explanation is that the target of Victory aiming to attract the constancy of its current customers is pretty similar to the one of Harley-Davidson.

9. MV Agusta

MV Agusta

It was officially formed in 1945 in Italy, closed to Milan. Actually, there was a long interesting story containing in this foundation. At first, in 1923, Count Giovanni Agusta opened this company as an Agusta branch in terms of aeronautics. When he retired, his two children helped him to own it.

As soon as the society dramatically changed and people gradually put more attention on vehicles, they started to manufacture motorbikes instead of the initial products. This decision protected MV Agusta from bankruptcy. Today, MV Agusta is one of the most favourite brands of many racers such as Luca Scassa who was the winner of Superbike Racing in Italian by using the Agusta motorcycles.

10. BMW


Since the foundation in 1916, BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) has been one of the greatest and most expensive brands of transports such as motorbikes, cars or the power components. One outstanding point of BMW is that it includes a wide range of dual-sport motorcycles, like the GS Adventure motorbikes which consist of the BMW logo and specially power generators inside. Apart from motorcycle production, it also releases some fashionable models of cars that you cannot ignore.


If you are a fan of sport bikes, you should take top ten brands below into consideration whenever choosing another motorcycle. Hope that you can finally find your most favorite brand.

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