Riding In The Rain And All The Best Tips

Riding In The Rain And All The Best Tips


Hi guys, as you know riding has been a controversial topic to be discussed. In fact, almost all the riders are afraid of riding in the rain on the grounds that the road will be slippery and it will be easier to push them into accidents. Even though they are feared of this, they still have to ride on the road due to the requirement of their work.

Don’t worry! In this article, I am going to dig deeper in this topic and equip you with more tips and tricks so as to keep safety. I expect that you will find all the notes bellow helpful for rain riding.

Costumes For Riding In The Rain

When it rains, it causes a lot of dangers and the riders are often afraid of this condition. It is because they have to deal with more obstacles, especially the slippery road’s surface. Aside from that, the rain drops and pours into the riders, which makes them tired and cold. Therefore, each rider ought to prepare special costumes for riding in the rain. Here, we are going to introduce to you about a full set of rain – riding costumes.

  • Raincoat

The item that almost all the riders think of in this situation seems to be the raincoat. The raincoat helps the riders avoid raindrops and the coldness of the weather.

Choosing types of raincoat is not simple on the grounds that there are several types of rain. If it rains heavily, you need to prepare both raincoat and rain – pants. In some cases, it not only rains but also floods or storms. At that time, you will feel cold so you have to wear thick raincoat to keep warm for your body.

However, when it rains slightly and just for a short time, you only need to wear a think raincoat to prevent raindrops from hitting your body to make it wet. You know, a raincoat will help you protect your body and your motorbike.

One thing important is that you have to remember to keep the raincoat away from the wheels of the motorcycle. In case the raincoat is rolled into the wheels, it will be really dangerous for you since you cannot control the handlebars easily.

  • Helmet

Of course, you still have to wear the helmet all the time. Riding in the rain brings you with more dangers so you have to raise your awareness in all the cases with your good helmet. It is obvious that slippery road surface poses a challenge to all the riders and it is easy for them to fall down from their vehicles. Therefore, a helmet is of extreme importance.

In addition to this, if it rains heavily and blows the wind strongly, some obstacles may hit your head. At that time, without the helmet, your head will be injured.

  • Face – Shield And Eye – Glasses

Face shield and eye – glasses are vital, too. These two items help you avoid strong wind and raindrops hitting and tapping your face and eyes. If your eyes get wet with the raindrops and dust, you cannot see the front road, which is easy to cause accidents to you and other traffic participants.

You sometimes have to cope with surprising problems and if your eyes cannot see everything clearly, you will find it difficult in solving the problems. Thus, it is important to bring face – shields and eye – glasses for rain – riding.

Riding Postures

In addition to the costumes mentioned above, riding postures are of significance. Due to the sudden rain, a lot of riders often lift their legs and feet up in order to avoid the raindrops above the road surface and to avoid dust and dirt flashing to their shoes.

As a matter of fact, this posture may result in a lot of dangers on the grounds that the riders are forced to close their arms and bodies. When there is any surprise they have to deal with on the road, they will not be able to respond to it quickly and in time.

Moreover, the roads are slippery so the distance after the riders use the motorcycle brake will increase. Therefore, the riders have to brake earlier and gradually in order to avoid falling on slippery roads.

Important Notes

There are the two important notes you have to remember as follows.

  • Keep Right Distance With Other Vehicles

You need to keep distant with the vehicles in front of you. A lot of riders usually chase the front vehicles with small distance. That is very risky, especially when the front vehicles turn left or right.

  • When Your Motorbikes Are Flooded

In case your motorbike is flooded, you should not continue to ride it as the engine will be damaged and it will lead to a number of problems after that. In this case, you had better turn off the engine and bring it home.

Bottom Line

Bad weather conditions in general and rain in particular of often challenge the riders in different ways. However, we cannot prevent rain or such bad condition, right? It is much easier to take control over all the situations when you get tips and follow them.

Riding in the rain will not be a difficulty for you anymore. In the next article, I will help you answer your questions if any. Don’t hesitate to send us your questions and let us know your wonders in riding.


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