8 Most Popular Motorcycle Brands In The World

8 Most Popular Motorcycle Brands In The World


Riding motorcycle is of popularity all over the world and this is an ideal way to show individual styles. A lot of people also make use of this vehicle to take photos and make up advertising posters. However, it is a hard nut to crack to select perfect motorcycle with all the features meeting all the users’ demands.

Today, we are going to tell you more details about 8 most popular brands for motorcycle. We attach much importance to information about the origin of these brands. Let’s get started.


Simply, large motorcycles are the vehicles with the cylinder capacity from 175cc. This figure can be up to more than 1000cc and the maximum speed of the vehicle can be hundreds kilometers. Those vehicles are called luxurious motorcycles for people that have a burning desire for speed. Also, they can show their own styles through large motorcycles.

Of course, the price of a large motorcycle is pretty high, depending on designs. Aside from that, you need to equip some accessories when riding such a large vehicle such as riding costumes, replacing parts and so on. One thing important is that you have to:

  • Have money to burn
  • Have riding license
  • To be trained about safe riding
  • Buy motorcycles of the official showrooms
  • Here, we are going into details about top 10 brands for motorcycle
Motorcycle Brands In The World


Top 8 Motorcycle Brands

  1. Kawasaki

Kawasaki is one of the most celebrated motorcycle brands coming from Japan. This brand was once a brand manufacturing boats and it had its headquarter in Kobe since the year 1878. They started to produce motorcycles in the year 1963 when they bought the brand Merugo.

The very first model of Kawasaki brand is the motorcycle W1 (K1), introduced in 1965. The W2 (the next model) was launched in the year 1967 and the W3 was introduced in 1974.

This motorcycle has cooling engine made of air and its cylinder capacity is 496cc. It is considered to be the copy of the motorcycle model BSA A7. Nowadays, together with Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha, Kawasaki is the proudest brand for motorcycle in Japan.

What’s more, Kawasaki is the brand that specializes in manufacturing large motorcycles with different designs. Their products are exported to almost all the countries of the world. The price of each motorcycle fluctuates from hundreds million to several billion. For more details about the price of each design, you can come into the official website of Kawasaki to get.

  1. Ducati

Ducati Motor is the brand coming from Italia. It is major in designing and manufacturing large vehicles. Its main headquarter is located in Bologna, Italia. Ducati belongs to the Volkswagen Cooperation in German. This company gains popularity and has existed for long in Europe.

Ducati is one of the prestigious brands for producing large motorcycle. Especially, its motorcycles are often provided for the MotoGP tournament, famous all over the world and Ducati motorcycles have won for 14 times.

The most well – know models of Ducati are Diavel, Hypermotard, Superbike and Scambler.

  1. Bmw

BMW is one famous car brand, from German. However, beside car, this company also produces large motorcycles which gains prevalence throughout the world. There are several showrooms of the brand opened widely in the world. Here, you can find out the most outstanding models of the brand and we are certain that you will be stuck to them for long because of their fabulous designs.

BMW has professional services and an effective system to foresee the future demands for the designs of a large motorcycle.

  1. Harley – Davidson

Harley – Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturer coming from America. It was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the year 1903. In 2013, in some companies in Asia countries were the official representatives for this famous brand.

  1. Honda

Honda is a very familiar brand for motorcycle all over the world. The brand has launched a wide variety of motorcycle designs to the market and has been warmly welcomed by the majority of people in each nation.

However, Honda focuses on manufacturing motorcycles for traffic participation. It does not concentrate on large motorcycles. Therefore, the quality of the vehicle it specializes in is the durability and the usability.

  1. Suzuki

Like Honda, Suzuki is the brand for normal motorcycles. It is a famous brand from Japan. Suzuki is major in types of terrain motorcycles and sport motorcycles. The design of Suzuki motorcycles is compact and provides much convenience for the riders.

  1. Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the four most famous brands for motorcycles in Japan. The vehicles of Yamaha have sporty designs, which is suitable for young generations. The brand also produces a lot of sporty motorcycles.

  1. Ktm

KTM Sport – motorcycle AG is a company providing motorcycles, bicycles and moped vehicles. The company was set up in the year 1934 by and engineer named Hans Trunkenpolz.

KTM started to produce motorcycles in 1954 and it focused on large motorcycles. Off – road motorcycles are also the outstanding products of this brand. Up to the present, the brand has enlarged its produce scale all over the world.

Bottom Line

Here are the 10 brands that gain the most prevalence all over the world. With any design of any brand, you can form your new style with the admiration of people around you. If you are pretty keen on any brand and want further information, please let us know as soon as possible.

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